Latest transaction: €352,750 mortgage for a property in Annecy

Posted on 06 Jan 2022 in Transactions
Latest transaction: €352,750 mortgage for a property in Annecy
  • Buying in: Annecy
  • Property price: €415,000
  • Loan amount: €352,750
  • Mortgage type: Repayment
  • Mortgage term: 25
  • Interest rate: 2.35% fixed
  • Loan-to-value: 85%

The Background

Our French clients, living and working in London, have been renting through Air Bnb the same apartment in Annecy for years for their holidays in the Alps. When they heard that the owner was looking to sell, they did not hesitate as they knew it was an interesting opportunity for a rental investment.

Our Approach

The clients wanted the highest loan to value to keep most of their savings untouched. They also wanted the longest duration to reduce the monthly payments as much as possible in order to maintain a lower debt to income ratio. So we secured a repayment mortgage with a LTV of 85% over 25 years with a rate of 2.35%, without life insurance as the clients were already insured in the UK. 

From the day we sent the file to the bank to when the mortgage offer was printed, the process lasted 17 days overall!

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