How To Open A French Bank Account

Do you need to open a French Bank Account but aren’t quite sure how to? Maybe you know the steps you need to take but don’t feel confident enough to do it off your own back? With the support and advice from French Private Finance, you can be sure that you will know everything you need to know about opening a French bank account.

French Private Finance is the leading independent French property finance brokerage, and their speciality is providing a dedicated one-to-one service to every single one of their current, past and future clients.

Since 2005 John Busby has been leading the team and has created the strong force that they are today – they are known as the largest French mortgage brokerage in the UK!

With years of supplying a successful service to their ever-growing list of clients, French Private Finance has found that efficiency and transparency are two of the most important things to provide. The French Private Finance team is full of experience and knowledge, all taught and developed with John. They are all available and very willing to help you identify your options and to navigate the French banking system.

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