French Leaseback Mortgages

french leaseback mortgages

French leaseback mortgages are for a specific type of buy to let property in France where a buyer purchases the freehold of the property as normal then leases it back to a management company for an agreed rental yield.

  • Up to 90% LTV rates achieveable
  • Fixed 25 year repayment rates from as little as 3.25%
  • Smooth process, all full explained
  • Transparent costs

French leaseback properties are almost always located in areas with high tourism appeal, so that a management agency can be confident of the returns it has promised to the owners it is in business with. Leaseback properties can be villas, apartments, town houses or chalets and the most common locations for leaseback properties are the French Alps, the Cote d’Azur & big cities like Paris.

The Best French Leaseback Mortgages

Financing a French leaseback property by using one of our French leaseback mortgages secured on the asset is reasonably straightforward for non-residents. We offer lots of different types of mortgage products, each specifically tailored to suit a buyers plan for their French leaseback property.

There are a variety of interest rates available and these rates can be fixed or variable. The interest rate payable for each mortgage is determined by how much of a loan is required compared to the value of the property – i.e. LTV (Loan to Value) rate. Depending on a buyers requirements and affordability profile normally up to 90% LTV can be achieved.

Any guaranteed rental income generated by your property may be used to cover your French leaseback mortgage payments and this would be factored into your affordability calculation. This can often mean that you can afford to apply for a larger mortgage amount than you might otherwise be able to do so for a standard (non-leaseback) property in France.

Monthly repayment (Interest and Capital):
Monthly payment (Interest only):
Pure rateAPRC
(for €100k)
Rate descriptionMax termTypeLTVDeferred paymentBank set up feesEarly repayment fees 
1.90%3.04%Fixed for 3 months at 2.5% then Euribor 3 months +1.90%20 yearsTracker repayment80%24 months1% cappedNoneEnquire
1.95%2.47%Fixed rate for the term15 yearsFixed repayment80% 24 Months1% capped 6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
2.15%2.64%Fixed rate for the term20 yearsFixed repayment80% 24 Months1% capped6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
2.60%3.16%Fixed rate for the term20 yearsFixed repayment85%24 Months1% capped6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
2.20%2.73%Euribor 3 months and capped +1.5% for 10 years 25 yearsCapped repayment 85%24 Months1% capped NoneEnquire
2.45%2.73%Fixed rate for the term 25 yearsFixed repayment 80%24 Months1% capped6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
2.70%3.23%Fixed rate for the term25 yearsFixed repayment85%24 Months1% capped6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
Pure RateAPRC (for €100k)Rate descriptionMax termMortgage type LTVDeferred paymentBank set up feesEarly repayment 

3.13%Tracker 3 month Euribor + 2.80% 14 years Interest only75% 24 Months1% cappedNoneEnquire
2.50%3.13%Variable tracker with cap at 4.00% for 10 years25 yearsInterest only up to 7 years, 18 years repayment75%24 Months1% cappedNoneEnquire
3.05%3.68%Fixed rate for the term14 yearsFixed interest only75%24 Months1% capped1.525% of early repayment amountEnquire