French Mortgage Calculator – How does it work?

Use our French mortgage calculator to find out how much it might cost you to borrow money in France. Put in the amount you wish to borrow and then how long you would like the duration of the French mortgage to be. Then, by using the table of latest rates below, put in your chosen rate.

Important Notes: This French mortgage calculator is for guidance only. It does not constitute an offer and does not take into account your personal eligibility for a loan. Just as with mortgages elsewhere, your ability to qualify for a repayment or interest only French mortgage and the maximum loan amount will depend on your personal financial situation. To request your personal decision in principle and get detailed quote please get in touch.

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Monthly repayment (Interest and Capital):
Monthly payment (Interest only):
Pure rateAPRC
(for €100k)
Rate descriptionMax termTypeLTVDeferred paymentBank set up feesEarly repayment fees 
1.90%3.04%Fixed for 3 months at 2.5% then Euribor 3 months +1.90%20 yearsTracker repayment80%24 months1% cappedNoneEnquire
1.95%2.47%Fixed rate for the term15 yearsFixed repayment80% 24 Months1% capped 6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
2.15%2.64%Fixed rate for the term20 yearsFixed repayment80% 24 Months1% capped6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
2.60%3.16%Fixed rate for the term20 yearsFixed repayment85%24 Months1% capped6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
2.20%2.73%Euribor 3 months and capped +1.5% for 10 years 25 yearsCapped repayment 85%24 Months1% capped NoneEnquire
2.45%2.73%Fixed rate for the term 25 yearsFixed repayment 80%24 Months1% capped6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
2.70%3.23%Fixed rate for the term25 yearsFixed repayment85%24 Months1% capped6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire

Learn more about Repayment Mortgages
Repayment Mortgages are generally more expensive as you have to pay the interest on the €100,000 and also pay off a portion of the capital. These mortgages are often called ‘capital and interest’ mortgages. The payment for €100,000 now rises to say, €7,200 per year, or almost double. Repayment mortgages are best used for main residences or for investments, like leasebacks, where the aim is to pay the mortgage off and enjoy the income. Repayment mortgages (prêt ammortissables) are the most common mortgage in France and offer the most protection.

Pure RateAPRC (for €100k)Rate descriptionMax termMortgage type LTVDeferred paymentBank set up feesEarly repayment 

3.13%Tracker 3 month Euribor + 2.80% 14 years Interest only75% 24 Months1% cappedNoneEnquire
2.50%3.13%Variable tracker with cap at 4.00% for 10 years25 yearsInterest only up to 7 years, 18 years repayment75%24 Months1% cappedNoneEnquire
3.05%3.68%Fixed rate for the term14 yearsFixed interest only75%24 Months1% capped1.525% of early repayment amountEnquire