Decision in principle

    Obtaining a French mortgage decision in principle or pre-approval is easy with French Private Finance. Each broker is able to give his or her decision in principle over the telephone in minutes based on the details you provide and their experience in dealing with the ever-evolving bank criteria. A quick call to +44 207 471 4515 will clarify your situation.

    Pre-approvals for mortgages in France

    By discussing your requirements in advance with one of our brokers, you will isolate the banks that offer the type of French loan you are looking for with the correct rate type and loan-to-value. If you would like to be more certain it is possible to send in your documentation to receive further French mortgage pre-approval from our underwriting department. This means that you will have a decision in principle from both an experienced broker and an underwriter who has expert knowledge of the mortgage eligibility criteria of each bank. The combined knowledge of the broker and underwriter will give you peace of mind that your application for a mortgage in France will be handled quickly and efficiently.

    For example, it would be better to pay 20% more for your mortgage payment on a monthly basis, than being forced to sell through a change in circumstances and finding the value of your property is 20% less than the mortgage used to buy it. In addition, as you receive rental income in Euros it makes sense to have a loan that is also paid in Euros which also lessens exchange rate risk. In the current climate where the Euro is historically strong (Jan 11), the prevailing exchange rate may mean a perceived currency exchange loss on purchase. It is worth considering a 100% Euro loan, if available; to reduce the requirement to transfer funds to Euros until the exchange rate moves more in your favour.

    If you have any concerns about your situation or would simply like to know how much you could borrow in France, just give us a call.
    +44 207 471 4515