international payments

Save time and money on your international payments

If you’re moving your money around the world, you could be saving money compared to using your bank, while at the same time benefiting from quick and secure transfers. Whether you’re moving overseas, buying or selling property, working abroad and sending money home, make sure you get more for your money.

great exchange rates

Great exchange rates

We offer competitive exchange rates that can save you money. And there are no hidden fees or charges.

award winning service

Award-winning service

You’ll be assigned your own personal dealer – plus we answer every call in three rings.

faster mortgage payments

Faster payments

Make payments online 24/7 and we can transfer your money faster than the banks. For most currencies, including euro, your payment will usually be made the day we receive your funds.

mortgage seecurity


Your money’s in safe hands. World First – partner for French Private Finance – maintains high levels of capital and is FCA-authorised.

A range of services to suit you

Regular payments It’s so easy to automate your regular international payments. You can set up a plan with us so that when we receive your money, we’ll convert it quickly, reliably and securely. That way, your payments get to your bank account minus the hassle. And you can choose if you want it converted at the rate on the day, or you can lock in a rate, making budgeting a whole lot easier.

Forward contracts – Fix a rate in advance

If you want to lock in a rate but aren’t ready to make a transfer, a forward contract is for you. Fix an exchange rate for up to three years in advance, and benefit from knowing exactly how much you’ll get when you’re ready to transfer. Whatever happens to the exchange rate in the meantime – even if it moves against you – you’ll be unaffected having already agreed a rate. You might need to pay an initial deposit, then the balance will be due at the end of the contract. If the rates fall you may need to top up the deposit. Your dealer will explain and discuss this with you before you book your forward contract.

Spot contracts – transfer money there and then

If you need to make an international payment straightaway, a simple spot contract could be ideal. We’ll offer you a great rate based on the live exchange rate on the day. Easy.

Currency Options – security with all the benefits

For when you’ve got a transaction coming up and want the security of fixing a rate but also want to be able to benefit if the rates move in your favour when you actually come to make the transaction, it might be worth exploring our Currency Options. We’ll be able to talk you through your options, and find the right one for you.

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World First UK Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Institution (No 502759). World First Markets Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 477561). If you wish to transact with World First Markets Limited (this would usually be because you want to transact a Foreign Exchange Option), you will be required to sign a separate set of Terms and Conditions.