French Property Insurance

When purchasing a French property it is essential to organise sufficient insurance and if you intend to take out a French mortgage on the home some forms of French property insurance are compulsory.

Three main types of French property insurance:

  • Life assurance for mortgage protection
  • Home insurance
  • French Assurance Vie products (typical life insurance)

Life assurance for mortgage protection is compulsory if you want to secure a French mortgage

Life assurance to protect a mortgage is generally available in two forms:

  • Cover of the remaining outstanding capital in case of death or disability
  • Cover of the remaining payments in case of long-term incapacity (accident or serious illness)

French banks do not offer mortgages to non-residents without life assurance mortgage protection. When applying for a French mortgage the mortgage protection and loan application are processed in tandem.

As organising French property insurance is such an important part of obtaining a French mortgage, we have helped countless clients with this process.

  • Quick and easy process
  • Utilise special packages for non-residents
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Simple application forms

Cover your property