French Retail Banking

Whether you are obtaining a French mortgage or arranging a private banking deal for your second home or property investment in France, opening a French bank account is a necessity.

Depending on which bank you choose, the process for obtaining an account can be arduous and with some you have to even be present at a French branch.

French Private Finance has set create a simple and efficient process for its customers to set up a bank account in France.

Let us help you:

  • Account open in 48 hours
  • English-speaking customer services
  • No need to travel to France
  • Easy internet banking
  • Choice of features and locations

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Why open an account in France?

  • Facilitate mortgage payments efficiently
  • Set up your direct debits for utilities
  • Obtain French debit card for easy everyday payments
  • Benefit from many other services and products
  • Low yearly costs

Guide: opening a bank account in France