Latest transaction: €347,500 mortgage for a property in Les Gets

Posted on 14 Jun 2023 in Transactions
Latest transaction: €347,500 mortgage for a property in Les Gets
  • Buying in: Les Gets
  • Property price: 695,000 €
  • Loan amount: 347,500 €
  • Mortgage type: Repayment *
  • Interest rate: 5.20% *
  • LTV: 50%
  • Term: 20 years

The background

Our British client wanted a small loan to benefit from the low rates in France without increasing his/her debt level too much and keep some cash to potentially invest elsewhere. 

Our Approach

Post Brexit, options for UK residents are limited but still exist. And with our experience, we can secure mortgages extremely fast, without headaches (or just a little, there are still plenty of forms to fill in and sign!) nor assets under management. A proper fast process for a vanilla mortgage. 

No life insurance (mortgage cover) was required by this specific lender so the overall cost was reduced. It is important to be insured but if you already have insurance policies that cover more than enough, it makes sense not to take a new one in France (though most French banks require a new French policy as part of the mortgage).

* The rate / the product may differ to what is currently offered since this mortgage has been agreed.

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