Latest transaction: €188,500 property in Joannas, Ardeche

Posted on 27 Aug 2019 in Transactions
Latest transaction: €188,500 property in Joannas, Ardeche

Buying in: Joannas, Ardeche
Property price:
Mortgage amount: €100,000
Mortgage type: Repayment
Mortgage term: 20 years
Interest rate: 2.40% fixed
Loan-to-value: 53%

The context

A small British business owner of Isreali descent was interested in acquiring a property in the Ardeche mountains as a summer retreat for him and his family. They’ve visited the area on a number of occasions and found the right property at last. 

They were keen to buy the property using a mortgage and originally considered borrowing money from the bank back in the UK. However, they were concerned about the poor exchange rates and looked for alternatives for finance in France. 

Our approach

French lenders will carry out some extra checks to make sure that the company is financially healthy. At French Private Finance (FPF), we take a look at the last 3 years of accounts and tax returns to ensure that the borrower can afford the mortgage.

Oftentimes, the business owners will pay themselves a small income and a large dividend. Sometimes this can be problematic, especially if the dividends are fluctuating or are decreasing each year. The key here is to keep the dividends steady or increasing year-on-year. 

With that in mind, FPF was capable to show the lenders that the client could afford the mortgage and prove that the company is financially healthy. 

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