Latest transaction: €320,000 mortgage for a property in La Plagne

Posted on 30 Dec 2020 in Transactions
Latest transaction: €320,000 mortgage for a property in La Plagne
  • Buying in: La Plagne
  • Property price: €410,000
  • Loan Amount: €320,000
  • Mortgage Type: Amortising (Refinance)
  • Mortgage Term: 20
  • Interest Rate: 1.65% fixed
  • Loan-to-value: 78%

The context

Our client, a Slovenian citizen living and working in France for the legal service of a multinational research group, was finding the process of getting a French mortgage difficult. Most banks will speak only in French and many of them do not have a proper international department. Our client was fluent in many languages but not French…

Our approach

We managed to help the client understand the process by making the gateway between him and the bank. Our service is fluent in French and English so we can provide proper explanations on what the banks want and the clients’ objectives. It is important to know that the documentation provided by the banks will be in most cases in French.We also provide through a partner a translation service to make sure that you understand carefully the conditions of the mortgage offer. 

The client prioritized the comfort of our team than getting a deal directly with a French bank that he would not understand.

On top of it, the terms we got were pretty sweet with a loan to value up to 78% and a fixed rate for 20 years at 1.65% on a repayment mortgage for his €410,000 La Plagne property which means that his monthly repayments will be secured, safe and low for the next 20 years, whatever happens.

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