Latest transaction: €1,250,800 mortgage for a property in Les Gets

Posted on 25 Jan 2023 in Transactions
Latest transaction: €1,250,800 mortgage for a property in Les Gets
  • Buying in: Les Gets
  • Property price: €2,901,000
  • Loan amount: €1,250,000
  • Mortgage type: Repayment *
  • Interest rate: 2.50% fixed *
  • LTV: 43%
  • Term: 8 years

The background

Our client is a British national who lives and works in Switzerland, purchasing the chalet with a SCI (company vehicle). Numerous banks had rejected our client due to their age, despite the fact that their income and assets were enough.

Our Approach

The majority of French banks demand that the mortgage be completed by the age of 68-70 MAXIMUM. We have a lender that enables customers to borrow up to the age of 75. The client desired a lower LTV to avoid higher-risk committees that would have delayed the process (which was already a bit long to be fair as we encountered a timing issue to open the bank account of the SCI). Because life insurance was not mandatory, the clients, for example, used their existing policies.

* The rate / the product may differ to what is currently offered since this mortgage has been agreed.

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