Latest transaction: €300,000 mortgage for a property close to Lille

Posted on 12 May 2021 in Transactions
Latest transaction: €300,000 mortgage for a property close to Lille
  • Buying in: Marcq en Baroeul
  • Property price: €855,000
  • Loan amount: €300,000
  • Mortgage type: amortising
  • Mortgage term: 15
  • Interest rate: 2.10%
  • Loan-to-value: 35%

The Background

Our client, an EU citizen, works for a big company in London. With the changes in working conditions (like working from home becoming the norm), he and his family were looking to buy a property just across the Channel to benefit from the French lifestyle while still being able to commute to London if necessary very easily. 

However, being a UK resident at the moment, he had to go through the non-resident market route even though the property would eventually become his main residence.

Our client just wanted a small mortgage, planning to ultimately repay his mortgage early.

Our Approach

One of our best partners is actually based in the North which was quite interesting. As our client had a great profile, it was really easy to get the agreement.

This lender also allows the life insurance (mortgage cover) to be optional (though we always advise that our clients must be insured) which reduces the duration of the process even more.

At the end, we secured a 300,000 € mortgage on a repayment basis with a fixed rate of 2.10% over 15 years in just 25 days!

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