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Ten years ago we decided to create a company designed to cut through the red tape associated with French mortgages. Everyone at French Private Finance loves France, but we found that for foreign investors, getting impartial and effective advice on French mortgages could be a painstaking process. Now we’ve helped thousands of people buy their dream home in France by sourcing them the best possible rate for their French mortgage and at the same time we’ve made the process as simple as possible.

  • The lowest rates on the market
  • Free decision in principle within minutes
  • Experienced multi-lingual staff
  • Best French mortgage products from over 50 banks

Specialist French Mortgages

types of French mortgage

We are experts in French leaseback, buy-to-let, and second home mortgages – as well as French equity release. When choosing the right French mortgage for you it is wise take the same amount of care and attention as you would give to choosing the actual property. After all, your dream French property is also an investment, so whether you’re financing a farmhouse in Bordeaux, a pied-a-terre in Paris or a buy-to-let in the Alps, you must make sure your money is working as hard as possible.

Private Banking Structures

French private banking

As well as the best high street rates for French mortgages, we also specialise in organising tax efficient private banking structures for purchases of properties above €1.0m. When buying luxury residential property or commercial property in France care must be taken with regards to tax, especially wealth tax. We offer a wide range of mortgage solutions for non-resident investors with flexible, competitive terms, pricing and repayment options, each structured in a way which lessens . Financing is available for purchasing and refinancing residential and commercial investment properties.

Monthly repayment (Interest and Capital):
Monthly payment (Interest only):
Pure rateAPRC
(for €100k)
Rate descriptionMax termTypeLTVDeferred paymentBank set up feesEarly repayment fees 
1.90%3.04%Fixed for 3 months at 2.5% then Euribor 3 months +1.90%20 yearsTracker repayment80%24 months1% cappedNoneEnquire
1.95%2.47%Fixed rate for the term15 yearsFixed repayment80% 24 Months1% capped 6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
2.15%2.64%Fixed rate for the term20 yearsFixed repayment80% 24 Months1% capped6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
2.60%3.16%Fixed rate for the term20 yearsFixed repayment85%24 Months1% capped6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
2.20%2.73%Euribor 3 months and capped +1.5% for 10 years 25 yearsCapped repayment 85%24 Months1% capped NoneEnquire
2.45%2.73%Fixed rate for the term 25 yearsFixed repayment 80%24 Months1% capped6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
2.70%3.23%Fixed rate for the term25 yearsFixed repayment85%24 Months1% capped6 months interest on the amount repaidEnquire
Pure RateAPRC (for €100k)Rate descriptionMax termMortgage type LTVDeferred paymentBank set up feesEarly repayment 

3.13%Tracker 3 month Euribor + 2.80% 14 years Interest only75% 24 Months1% cappedNoneEnquire
2.50%3.13%Variable tracker with cap at 4.00% for 10 years25 yearsInterest only up to 7 years, 18 years repayment75%24 Months1% cappedNoneEnquire
3.05%3.68%Fixed rate for the term14 yearsFixed interest only75%24 Months1% capped1.525% of early repayment amountEnquire