Chamonix ranked ‘most welcoming’ destination by Airbnb travellers

The online rental site Airbnb has ranked the 10 most welcoming destinations in France on its rental community platform. Chamonix took top spot, whilst the South of France took the lion’s share of the remaining slots.

Despite the South monopolising the list, the North inclusion from the North, with Saint-Malo taking ninth place and Honfleur sixth.

You may be surprised to not see a few familiar faces in this list and if you were, you were right to be so. The figures were generated from assessments left by travellers after their stay and the rankings were calculated by analyzing the data from destinations that received at least 1,000 of traveler ratings. But they excluded the 10 largest French urban areas and therefore locations like Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon are not included in this list.

Top 10 Most Welcoming French Destinations According to Airbnb Travellers

  1. Chamonix
  2. Cannes
  3. Arles
  4. Antibes
  5. Avignon
  6. Honfleur
  7. Carcassonne
  8. Nimes
  9. Saint-Malo
  10. Biarritz

The Route du Rhum Effect

Those who raised an eyebrow at the inclusion of Saint-Malo will be interested to know how it made it into this top ten. Saint-Malo is indeed a beautiful town, but its traditional volume of yearly travellers is nothing compared to that of Carcassone and Biarritz, who both came in around it.

In the last 12 months, the corsair city of Saint-Malo tripled its number of rented accommodations through Airbnb and quadrupled its number of ‘travelers’. How? The Route du Rhum effect.

The town saw a huge influx of sailing enthusiasts and other like-minded tourists visiting to see the starting leg of the Route de Rhum, a single-handed transatlantic yacht race. The race, which only takes place every 4 years, attracted the more than 2 million people to Saint-Malo over 15 days and every accommodation available through Airbnb in the town was occupied during the period.