Construction to pick up soon in France

There is light at the end of the tunnel for the French property construction sector. In presenting its quarterly results on Wednesday, Bouygues the large-scale French construction company predicted a recovery in orders in construction in France for 2016.

Xavier Huillard, the CEO of Vinci, as quoted in, was a little less optimistic, but also commented along the same lines “The low point was reached in 2015.”

Many professionals in the construction sector, who have come through some very difficult years, now have reasons to be somewhat optimistic. The highways recovery plan which provides €3.2 billion of construction work should lead to the first projects in September.

The projects of the Greater Paris plan, which include the building of new subway lines in the capital region will start next year. The Juncker plan that includes tens of billions of investment in infrastructure should also come into force in 2016.

Finally, seven regions (Brittany, Alsace, Rhone-Alpes …) have already signed a contract plan with the State which states that some 12.5 billion euros in infrastructure will be invested by 2020. Each of these initiatives will include some sort of housing construction.