Courchevel / €659,400 mortgage, 70% LTV, Repayment, 2,15% fixed for 20 years


The Profile

Buying in: Courchevel, French Alps
Property price:
942,500 €
Amount: 659,400 €
Rate: 2.15% fixed for the duration
LTV: 70%
Term: 20 years
Type: Repayment

The Context

Our client was a non-French resident living in London and buying a Residence de Tourisme in Courchevel.

Financing a residence de Tourisme can be harder than a normal freehold property with some banks refusing to finance this type of property because of the obligation to rent your property out a few weeks a year for many years (depending on the contract).

The client originally wanted an interest only mortgage so the rent could cover the mortgage repayment. However, Interest Only mortgages are not always available for the Residence de Tourisme developments, which was the case here. In addition, the client wanted to buy the property through a company to maximise his tax efficiency.

Our Approach

The client had to choose between a LTV of 70% over 20 years or 80% over 15 years. As he originally wanted a small repayment so that the rent could cover the payments,  it was a no brainer to pick the deal at 70% over 20 years (the rates were identical).