French mortgage Watch Feb 2014

Feb 2014

French mortgage trends: Confidence returning and rates increasing.

French mortgage rates saw ultra-low levels for much of 2013 which helped to sustain a muted first part of the year. It was during the last 6 months of the year that French mortgage applications really took off, coinciding with a better economic outlook in the UK. All our partners reported a huge increase in interest, our own figures reflecting this with a surge in completions, which are… Read more


French Property Trends: Short term holiday lets in Paris

Crackdown on short term lets in Paris, John Busby on the BBC


Please see the coverage on the BBC here… (View here)

Best buys
2.30%   20 years80%Tracker mortgage 3m euribor +2%
2.40%25 years80%Tracker mortgage 3m euribor +2.1%
3.25%25 years85%Rate capped + 1.5% for 10 years
3.75%   20 years80%Rate fixed for the term
3.95% 25 years80%Rate fixed for the term
4.50%25 years85%Rate fixed for the term
Interest Only
3.50%15 years70%Tracker +2.05%
3.35%   10 years75%Tracker mortgage +3.25% 500k
4.35%15 years70%Fixed rate
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*10 years

French Market Trends
Aver loan rates3.1%
Aver bank margin2.20%
Aver house price-5%
French inflation rate0.7%
ECB base rate0.50%
3 months Euribor0.29%
TEC 102.21.%
*Direction based on prev monthly rate for yoy change


Currency Watch
1 GBP1.20
1 USD0.73
1 AUD0.66
1 JPY0.0071

French Property Market Trends 2013

French property trends: From the FPF Blog

<style=”font-size:12px; color:#131F40″>Paris property opportunity?


Along with its economy, France’s real estate market has suffered through 2013. And Paris has felt the pain more — in both the residential and commercial markets — than anywhere else…… (Read more)

Euro currency updateThe euro had a good 2013. It was the undisputed champion of the major currency league, strengthening by 2% against sterling and by 3.5% against the US dollar. Whilst it would be silly to state categorically that the euro will be unable to repeat its achievement in 2014, the chances of it doing so are between slim and none.
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