French property price reductions slow

“The first tensions” begin to form on prices, note the French notaries in a recent post. In the third quarter, they increased by 0.8% compared to the second. In one year, their decline is now more attenuated (- 1.2% against – 2.5% the previous quarter).

Long shunned, houses have found favor with Parisians, mostly large homes (sales up 23% in the third quarter and 3.8% price since the beginning of the year).

The Paris market is also dynamic again. During the three summer months, the number of sales (9600) jumped 22% compared to the same period of 2014. The level of activity is similar here as (- 5%) of the boom years of 1997- 2007.

“The fears of a rise in mortgages rates, but also the return to flexible vendors triggered a buying event,” suggests Thierry Delesalle. The decline of the euro against the dollar has also attracted in the capital many foreign investors from “zones dollars.” Foreign buyers have also never been so many (representing 9.6% of sales).