France’s online property rental market explodes in 2016

Such is the advent of property rental market technology and services, it has never been easier for home-owners in France to rent out their property to the international and domestic markets.

With so many now renting their property through easy-to-use accommodation sharing websites, the French authorities are now starting provide official figures for this increasingly important part of the tourism sector.

According to a study carried out by INSEE, the French office of national statistics and rental unions across France, the ‘online property rental market’ would have represented 25.5 million overnight stays in 2016 (including airbnb).

This figure, taken from the statistics provided by the websites that just link homeowners and tenants (Abritel, Leboncoin, Homelidays, Airbnb, etc), demonstrates a 30% rise in one year. This represents 16% of the total accommodation market.

The onset of this market is no surprise and is the core reason why many hoteliers and certain municipalities, especially those in Paris, have been trying to curb the phenomenon.

The French go digital – they continue to holiday in France

There were findings from the study that did raise an eyebrow though. It showed that these high numbers of tourist rentals were being taken up by French (66%) rather than foreigners clientele and that 80% of the number of visitors would come from dwellings located in provinces other than Greater Paris.