French property selling prices remain reasonable

The barometer of price differences between the initial amount and the amount of the actual transaction now remains at a low point: 4.5%. Launched in April, this new price barometer had shown continuous decline throughout the year, down from a point where the actual selling price was much lower than the asking price.

Today, a house or apartment in France is sold on average 4.5% less than asking price or price displayed on the seller’s real estate ad. Across the country, real estate is offered for sale at an average price of €210,070 with the average final selling price now standing at €200,590.

Only two cities exceed the average price differential (Nice to 5.25% and Nantes to 5.3%) and therefore one can deduce that the figure is higher in smaller towns and rural areas.

Minimum deviations occur in Paris and Lyon

As for the specifics of the different cities studied, the figures show that properties in Paris and especially Lyon are sold very close to the displayed price, with only 2.55% differential in the capital and a tiny 2.15% in Lyon. Lyon’s differentials are also very consistent regardless of the type of housing (the differences are between 1.9% for a 3-bedroom property and 2.5% for a studio).

Bordeaux is the city that has the biggest disparities, with 1-beds selling for less than €2,020 than the list price (-1.3%) and up to €38,905 (-8.7%) for 4-beds or bigger.