The home of the future is in Versailles

Just outside of Paris, the park of Versailles will soon feature a village of twenty houses which will be fully automatic with the latest in energy saving and creation technology.

Horticulturalists need not be in arms though, as this is just a temporary instillation which is being carried out by a group of 800 students from 16 countries around the world.

The brief for the twenty teams is to create habitats which generate more energy without being less comfortable. Called ‘The Solar Decathlon’, the event was originally launched by the U.S. Department of Energy, which remains part of the venture.

Each ​​ habitat will use the most advanced and innovative methods capable of producing their own energy. The French are three of the twenty projects Solar Decathlon.

“This year, the contest is not limited only to individual solar homes but opens on collective housing projects,” said Alain Maugard, president of Qualibat, which governs the Scientific Council of the Solar Decathlon Europe. “It so happens today to build or rehabilitate office buildings but also housing, making them fully autonomous from an energy point of view.”