How to rent your Paris apartment legally through Airbnb

Owners wishing to rent their second home in Paris legally via Airbnb must now change its registered use into a commercial property. Often a tedious process, expensive and sometimes almost impossible to achieve some crafty investors have realised that it could be more interesting to buy an apartment already set up for this type of rental.

A Paris agent who focuses on the third and fourth arrondissements of Paris, has sensed this trend. “It is only a niche market for now, he admits, but demand is growing.”

The 3rd and 4th arrondissements of Paris is definitely one of the most popular for such properties. The neighborhood is one of the most sought on Airbnb, with more nights booked during the summer of 2014 than the people living there.

Moreover, the place has no shortage of offices, workshops and other commercial areas not necessarily installed on the ground floor.

“The Marais was a neighborhood of artisans where there are many buildings on courses that were fully leased to watchmakers, jewelers and even leather workers, says Robin Calligaris.”

Of course you have to check that the designation and assignment as a commercial premises is specified in the building regulations. And if it does, you also have to be sure there is no expression in the joint ownership agreement prohibiting the location to be used as a tourism residence.