In the Loire Valley, property is 30% cheaper than anywhere else

When you think of the Loire Valley, you think of Nantes its capital and the many beautiful lighthouses that frequent this region of France. It’s a region that has seen many successes; most notably 4th spot for GDP per capita in France, the lowest unemployment rates in the country and it has the 3rd highest population growth across all 13 regions.

It is therefore no coincidence that the area attracts both the French but also international buyers. The population of the Loire Valley increased by 18% between 1990 and 2014, against 13% nationally. Year on year this growth is equivalent to around 30,000 people per year and Nantes is where most of them settle.

With nearly 300,000 inhabitants in its town municipality and 900,000 in its urban area, Nantes is the sixth largest city in France and the largest in the West. The cities of Angers and Le Mans are relatively dynamic compared to the region.

Yet even with such a strong demand property prices in this area remain lower than the national average, for both resale and new-build property. The price per square meter of resale property is currently €2,223, almost €1,000 less than then French average. The same trend is true for new-build property, €3,007 per square meter against €3,655 euros for the whole country.

The region ‘Pays de la Loire’ has about 1.9 million homes, representing 6% of France’s housing stock. Three quarters (73%) of these are houses, according to Crédit Foncier, which is almost 20% higher than the national average (56%). Apartments represent only 27% of dwellings, despite the presence of a major city like Nantes. On the whole region, the proportion owners / tenants is similar to the trend observed in France: 65% owners, against 35% of tenants.