La Rentrée-Property market open for business

September marks the point at which France wakes up again after the annual slow down for their renowned annual vacations. France has been gearing up throughout September and we are now seeing a large increase in the number of completed transactions. The market for French property is certainly back in action with the number of leads received by up 33% on last month.

The extent to which France is effectively shut for business during this time is not to be underestimated. One Notary we spoke to in the early summer effectively told us he would not be available for the next six weeks. This pattern is mirrored across France with many other government departs unreachable. At, we always warn clients that getting mortgage offers in the summer months may take longer than expected as some banks are generally understaffed and unable to cope. With the French now fully rested and recuperated you can now expect your purchase in France to go through smoothly.