Paris: boom of fines for rental of tourist apartments

In one year, the number of fines relating to the rental of tourist accommodation, mainly via Airbnb, has multiplied by thirteen.

Parisian authorities are watching the market, and seeking out illegally rented properties. According to the daily newspaper Le Parisien, the number of fines related to the failure of declaring tourist rental accommodation (eg. on Airbnb) or exceeding 120 rental days permitted by law, has increased by 13 times.

The agents of the Directorate of Housing and Habitat (DLH) have hence pinned 31 owners condemned to pay the City a total of €615,000.

Clearly, the numbers are exploding. In the first half of 2016, the city “had recovered only €45,000”, which is 13 times less than in 2017. In Le Parisien, a deputy of the mayor of Paris indicated that this explosion of convictions does not show that there are more illegal rentals, but “that the controls are stricter and that more people are getting caught”.

However, according to the DLH, it is, above all, the punishment which is more severe. Also, multi-owners are most often targeted, says the mayor of Paris. The Council of Paris voted unanimously on Tuesday 4 July, for the establishment of the “Airbnb decree”. This obliges all renters of tourist accommodation to register online – and only online – with their town hall before publishing an advertisement on platforms such as Airbnb or Abritel.