Paris launches operation against ‘illegal’ rental properties

Just a few months after the city of Paris organised an operation against illegal furnished tourist rentals in the ‘Le Marais’ area of Paris, another a similar operation in the 1st and 6th districts has been announced, with the support of the mayors of these two districts.

Meanwhile officials also announced that the city of Paris was to develop new ways to optimise the regulation of furnished tourist rentals, including additional staff ‘controllers’ and stronger penalties for the owners do not respect the law.

Whilst Parisian owners can legally rent their residence when they’re not there, in most arrondissements, because their property is therefore becoming a furnished rental property, they must ask for permission from the local municipality.

Officials have stressed the need for collaboration with the cities of Madrid, New York and Barcelona, ​​which are also affected by this issue of illegal furnished tourist rentals.

With some 50,000 properties in Paris available for rentals it is the worlds most popular destination on the Airbnb website. Whilst this is great for the tourism sector, in terms of social diversification there is a small problem. It means that in some districts of Paris the Airbnb renters outnumber the people.

For example, if you count the number of Airbnb guests who have stayed in the summer of 2014 in the 3rd and 4th Arrondissements, you get a total of 66,320 people. A very high figure, when compared with some 64,795 inhabitants in the (according to figures published in 2012).

Of course there is a seasonal balancing to consider here as the number of tenants Airbnb potentially relayed was during the two summer months.