Paris in the new race for skyscrapers

The Palais de Justice inauguration, construction permit for the Triangle tower, the start of the Duo towers project: skyscraper projects flourish again under the sky of Paris, 44 years after the emblematic and unpopular Montparnasse Tower (210 meters high). A few meters from the construction machinery plowing the ground, in the 13th arrondissement (south of the capital), the aedile Anne Hidalgo savors his victory.

On Thursday, the mayor of Paris recalled the “controversy” and “long and violent debate” during a ceremony regarding the first groundbreaking project of the future Duo towers (180 and 122 meters) designed by architect Jean Nouvel. ” We wondered: Do we have the right to imagine contemporary architecture in Paris?” which was then only adjoined to the urbanism of its predecessor, Bertrand Delanoë. “I am not a huge fan of the towers, but I had to allow the freedom to lift the taboo of tall buildings to create a modern city of the 21st century. We fought this fight and we won it.” Overlooking the peripheral boulevard and railway tracks, the Duo towers, partially leaning “to capture the reflections of cars and trains, day and night”, will house 85,000 sqm of offices and another 30,000 sqm of shops and a hotel-restaurant.

The era of controversy seems to have passed as three 160-180 metre tower projects are now underway in the capital, including Duo, built by Ivanhoe Cambridge, which will be finalised in 2021 and will become the Natixis bank headquarters.