Paris’ top floor apartments are 19% more expensive than on the ground floor

We all know that the higher the floor an apartment is located on, the more expensive it is. The sunshine is more important and the view more pleasant. But this comfort has a price. How much? 5%? 10%? Or more? Answer: The difference in price per square meter between the ground floor and the top floor in a building with elevator is 19% in Paris and 15% in the province, according to a study by MeilleursAgents.

For example, for a 50 sqm Parisian apartment located on the ground floor of a building with an elevator, an individual will have to pay, on average, €380,750. For the same apartment, located in the same building but on the 6th and last floor, the price climbs to €452,700. “The ground floor is less in demand because there is more nuisance, but it allows you to afford an extra room for the same budget compared to the top floor,” explains Sébastien de Lafond, president of MeilleursAgents. On the top floor, you will have one room less, but will have better views and more sun”.

Rest assured: if you own a ground floor flat, you can still find a tenant. It’s all about price. To hope to sell it as well as possible, your apartment must have access to a private space. The discount per sqm compared to a top floor flat is lower for a studio than for a large apartment. Small areas are mainly for investors and their tenants are less reluctant to live on a ground floor because they do not generally commit long term.