Price negotiations – easier in the country, harder in the city

After months of decline, followed by a period of stability, the margin for price negotiations has now balanced out in France at 4.5%, according to the latest figures from the Orpi network.

This indicated that both buyers and sellers have adopted more neutral views on the asking prices of their properties. Previously, there were big gaps between the asking price and the selling price for resale properties across the country.

Prices in rural France can still pushed relatively hard by buyers. The figures show extremes of 11.5% in Boulogne-sur-Mer, a difference of 11.5% between the asking prices and the selling price. The same trend was seen in Canet-en-Roussillon – a 10.6% difference.

But in France’s big cities, the gap remains very low, with a maximum of 5.06% in Nice. In Paris, the difference stands at 2.69% on average, a mere 10,000 euros, on average, between the asking prices and the selling price.

It was at Lyon that negotiations seem to be the hardest. The trading margin here is 2%.