Have property prices reached a record high in your city?

While Paris is approaching the threshold of €9,000 per square meter on average, 6 of the top 10 French cities are at the top according to the figures of MeilleursAgents.

How far and until when? After a very dynamic 2016, the real estate market is literally buzzing with prices continuing to rise strongly at the beginning of the year (+ 5.2% in Paris at the end of March over one year and + 2.3% in Guy Hoquet agency). “This year 2017 does not really look like the others,” says Fabrice Abraham, general manager of the Guy Hoquet network. We have not experienced the traditional winter downturn or the impact of electoral deadlines, which generally lead to a wait-and-see attitude. “The network also notes that this dynamism (+ 15.4% sales in one year) is driven by a return of first-time buyers and, to a lesser extent, investors who had fled the market. But these are “net” buyers who do not resell anything. Result: the imbalance between supply and demand increases and prices with it.

A situation that allows the Century 21 network, the cousin of the previous one (both owned by Nexity) to set an absolute record price in Paris at €8,743 per square meter, up 5.1% from 12 months age, and even to foresee the crossing of the threshold of €9,000. Without specifying the deadline. For its part, Guy Hoquet recorded an annual increase of 5.4% in Lyon, 5% in Bordeaux, 4.3% in Nantes or 2.9% in Reims, and more reasonably 2.1% in Marseille and 2% in Toulouse. This hasn’t prevented some places from falling, such as Valence (-6%) or Perpignan (-2.1%) and Grenoble (-1.7%).