“Reinventing the Seine”…40 sites to be developed along the Seine

“River cafes” on the Seine in Paris, leisure areas facing the river in Rouen and student housing on the water in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) are some of the projects that may arise from the programme called “Reinventing the Seine”.

Each project will be on brownfield plots (previously used for commercial opr industrial purposes) between Paris and Le Havre, via Rouen as part of a wider plan to create innovative new uses for the banks of the Seine.

The ideas have been inspired by “Reinventing Paris”, the campaign launched by the mayor of Paris to promote and gather innovative ways of creating new urban area with the future of 22 sites in the capital.

Anne Hidalgo (PS) mayor of Paris, Edouard Philippe (LR), deputy and Mayor of Le Havre, and Frédéric Sanchez (PS), President of the Metropolitan Rouen Normandie will soon unveil and identify the sites to be sold or leased to the winners after the contest in the spring of 2017.

The capital has selected twenty sites. Floating structures may be anchored at the foot of Notre Dame. Three “coffee-bridges” on the Seine might house bars, restaurants or hotels. Property governance Eau de Paris, an old water purification plant water of the Seine at Joinville-le-Pont (Val-de-Marne) could become an urban agriculture site.

A dozen sites were identified in Rouen and its surroundings, with mixed use projects potentially on the horizon. Nine sites have been identified in Havre, including three pools near the train station.