Rents in France rising for Euro 2016

Rental prices during the forthcoming Euro 2016 football competition are on the up across France. A study by the UFC-Que Choisir revealed that hoteliers have upped room rates by 80% during the competition.

It’s the same for house and apartment rentals too. A separate study by  seasonal rental company show that owners on Airbnb, HomeAway, and their other competitors have increased their rental prices by an average of 54% in the cities hosting Euro 2016.

Yet it’s not in France’s capital that rates have soared the most. Figures from show that Lille has seen the biggest jump of 71% with Toulouse (+ 60%), Lyon (+ 53%) and Bordeaux (+ 52%) all taking their fair share.

Paris’ private rentals remain tempered (+ 12%) as well as Saint-Denis, near the Stade de France (+ 31%). But capital is expensive all year round and supply is plentiful, so no surprise here.

Demand outstrips supply

And if the rental price increases are remarkable, the increase in demand even more so. is particularly strong. Likibu figures highlight an occupancy rate of 88% so far for Euro 2016. On average that’s 10% higher than for equivalent periods outside of the competition. Demand in Bordeaux and Lyon has also jump massively, with their respective occupancy rates jumping from 73% to 90% and 72% to 90%.