Our French property services

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Our French property services

We know that you are seeking the best experience and so French Private Finance will not require any introduction fees (except for mortgage broker fees). The benefit of these services is not conditional on a mortgage application. We want you to enjoy the process and get reliable providers in France.



No need to search any further, that’s us! We will personally make sure that our clients have the best experience possible when navigating the French mortgage market. Make sure to check our mortgage guide!


In need of help of help with  your accounts? Tax guidance? We can introduce you to an experienced French and English speaking accountant that will be able to set up and register your company vehicle (SARL or SCI for example), optimise your tax, establish your French tax returns, manage your bookkeeping and follow up on legal services such as annual reports.


In this current climate of uncertainty, taking a chance on the currency market is extremely risky. Anyone in mid-purchase now who did not plan ahead could face the prospect of their home costing thousands more. If you’re looking to buy this year, or over the next coming few years, you need to plan how you’re going to send your money safely.

For many people, that means using specialist currency exchange company that can talk through your specific needs and requirements. They’ll then be able to offer a solution to protect your money from currency fluctuations, such as a forward contract, which isn’t available from a high street bank. This locks in the day’s exchange rate for the next twelve months.

You could also set up regular payment plans with them, which will protect any overseas transfers that need to be made before, during and after your move. Or, if you need to make a rapid, one off payment, they could help with that too. Best of all, you’ll be able to speak directly with currency experts who can help you take control of your currency transfers.

For more information on how Smart can assist with your purchase, get in contact with the team here: https://www.smartcurrencyexchange.com/quote/?refSrc=41&refBy=791998&source=SCEP_Quote_FrePrivFinance


Life insurance

In France, most of the mortgage offers come with a mandatory life insurance. We can introduce you to an insurance broker specialised in non-residents and expats who will be able to find you the best deal for your needs. They will assist you every step of the way and will make sure you meet your deadline.

Building & contents insurance

House insurance is mandatory in France and you must get one in order to get the keys. It is an obligation you will have to think about when purchasing a French property. Let us help you by introducing you to an insurance broker in order to find the best options. Both broker and insurer teams speak English.


The notary is a representative of the state who has the role of creating authenticated transfer of ownership on behalf of his client and the state. Using his services is an obligation by law. We work with a reputable French notary well known for his willingness for open and clear advice.

Real estate expertise and property valuations

A survey of the property (existing or off-plan) is sometimes required by the bank to check the value of the property. You can be surprised sometimes by the difference between the purchase price and the value calculated by the real estate expert as they calculate both the market value and the value for a quick sale. We are connected to some of the best real estate valuation companies recognised by the French retail banks and even Foreign private banks. They also arrange desk surveys as well as actual physical surveys where they visit the property in order to get into more details.



If you struggle to understand “Le Francais” – the language of the documents provided by French banks – don’t worry! We work with certified translators who specialise in finance. They can provide translations of any key documents not written in English, which may be required by certain lenders.

Working in over thirty language combinations, our partner provides expert translation and copywriting services to help people communicate effectively across borders. Their qualified translators each have a minimum of five years’ experience as well as well as a working knowledge of banking, finance and law.

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