Latest transaction: €1,990,000 mortgage for a property in St Raphael

Posted on 04 Aug 2022 in Transactions
Latest transaction: €1,990,000 mortgage for a property in St Raphael
  • Buying in: St Raphael
  • Property price: €3,980,000
  • Loan amount: €1,990,000
  • Mortgage type: Repayment *
  • Interest rate: 1.50% fixed *
  • LTV: 50%
  • Term: 10 years

The background

Our clients are Americans. Since 2014, when the US tax authorities implemented the FATCA rules, funding US individuals / residents has become more complicated. Nonetheless, we have a strong bank network and found a solution.

Our Approach

The loan-to-value ratio offered by the bank was 50% maximum. The bank provided a relatively low rate over 10 years. There was no collateral needed (other than six months’ worth of mortgage payments), and the bank agreed to arrange for life insurance via an insurance broker, ensuring that the cost was as cheap as possible. It took about four months to get the mortgage offer, which is not bad given the high amount of financing and the many different committees the file had to go through.

* The rate / the product may differ to what is currently offered since this mortgage has been agreed.

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