Latest transaction: €700,000 Loan for a property in Sainte-Maxime.

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The profile

Buying in: Sainte-Maxime, South of France
Property price:
Mortgage amount: €700,000
Mortgage type: Interest Only
Mortgage term: 7 years
Interest rate: 2,45% fixed
Loan-to-value: 56%

The background

The client was buying a fabulous property in the south of France, near Sainte-Maxime. He had a few requests and FPF delivered on all of them:

  • Interest only: check
  • Fixed rate for security: check
  • No life insurance: check (which is amazing on an interest-only mortgage as the bank’s risk does not decrease over time)
  • Quick process: check

Our approach

From the first call to receiving the mortgage offer, it took only 23 days which is FPF’s absolute record  (the average is about 100 days). The client was brilliant, the bank was efficient and everyone pitched in and did the work!