Winter activities in the Alps | Part 2

Posted on 06 Apr 2020 in Lifestyle
Winter activities in the Alps | Part 2

1 – Indoor activities

Courchevel – Aquatic centre (Aquamotion):

  • From 13€ a day
  • A large number of activities
  • Open all year round

The Aquamotion swimming pool in Courchevel has many recreational facilities such as : pools, spa and fitness areas, climbing wall, diving pit and surf wave.

Chamonix – Alpine museum:

  • From 4€, free for -18
  • Located In the former luxury hotel “Chamonix Palace”, opened in May 1914.

The Alpine museum  lets you discover the historical and artistic heritage of the Mont-Blanc region.

The permanent exhibition invites you to travel back in time and learn about the history of the Chamonix valley thanks to its collections. You will discover  the beginnings of mountaineering and the conquest of Mont Blanc, the great scientific adventures at 4000 m altitude, the creation of winter and summer sports, valley transformations with tourism development.

Chamonix – QC Terme Spa

  • From €50

Nestled in the midst of nature, the new QC Terme spa takes place in the majestic Mont Blanc and offers you the luxury of swimming surrounded by snow or mountain meadows. An unexpected synthesis between hot and cold, water and earth: within its 3000 square meters, you can enjoy more than 30 wellness activities for a multi-sensory journey. There’s  an infinity pool which is reflected in the water of the adjacent alpine lake, with a breathtaking view of the Bossons glacier.

Saint-Gervais – SPA 

  • From 42€, price vary regarding activity
  • Recognised by the French National Academy of Medicine

The thermal water journey began 6,500 years ago. At the foot of the highest peak in Europe, between summits and underground rocks, the Thermal Spring Water of Saint-Gervais trickles through the bowels of the famous Mont Blanc massif. Its itinerary over several millennia enriches it with minerals and trace elements.

Water with exceptional properties, exploited for the first time in 1807 and recognized by the French National Academy of Medicine. To date, everyone can benefit as much from their therapeutic virtues

2 – Food

Chamonix – Caphorn

Stroll through the Rue de Moulins – Chamonix’s main bar and restaurant road – and you will find one of the town’s up-market restaurants. The inconspicuously elevated entry leads you into a 4-storey restaurant with an open terrace in the summer.

Our menu picks

We recommend starting with honey roasted pear salad with caramelised pecans, Roquefort  cheese and cranberries followed by superb duck breast fillet with green apples and Foie Gras, Soja sauce and flavoured rice.

After finishing your feast, head over to Les Caves, which is right next door for relaxed ambiance and G&T.

Megeve – Coeur de Megeve

Inside the recently renovated hotel Coeur de Megeve on Megeve’s main road Rue Charles Feige lies a wonderful La Muse restaurant. Guests as well as passersby can enjoy a contemporary design of the restaurant with a mid-sized terrace.

Our menu picks

Why not start with well-garnished butternut cream soup to warm yourself up. Next, we suggest trying Chef’s Sautéed veal liver with onions and polenta. We recommend adding the homemade mashed potatoes which are accompanied by black truffles to complete the meal.

To finish off in true French style, La Muse’s very gourmet coffee which comes with a few small desserts and espresso is a must.

Annecy – L’Etage 

If you are arriving in Geneva and making your way up to the Tarentaise, or indeed driving into the Alps from further afield, stop over by the magnificent Annecy lake. A stone throw away from the lake on Rue du Paquier, you will find an authentic French restaurant in a magnificent building dating the ‘Enlightenment’ years of late 17th century and the then King of France Louis XIV; mind you Annecy at that time was under the reign of Duchy of Savoy.

Our menu picks

Chef Emmanuel Maillefer proposes a plethora of authentic savoyard dishes. The dilemma between choosing the rich truffle fondue and a typical mountain raclette is a difficult one. However, we feel that the faux-fillet Cafe de Paris steak is our clear winner here. It’s peppercorn sauce recipe is a tightly-guarded secret and that is what makes the taste of locally-grown beef taste simply incredible.

We are always spoiled for choice when it comes to desert, but if one still has some space after the starter and mains, we’d definitely go for the meringue La Pavlova.

Val d’Isère – 1789 Restaurant

Hidden away between the small streets of the village you will find what some say is Val d’Isère’s best kept secret – a stone and wood savoyard  restaurant called 1789 famous for its selection of meat dishes. The restaurant’s fireplace is the focus of the room with a seating area centered around it to give you that authentic alpine ambiance.

Our menu picks

Taking a break from all the cheese that France’s one of the most chic resorts has to offer, you must prepare for a meat feast. 1789 is famous for its meat cooking over a fireplace. It is incredibly hard to decide between their beef and lamb so the best course of action here is ask your group to share. Attention, the cote de boef is over 1kg – it’s a two person job.

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